Introducing prosperus

Holistic business, financial, and personal planning designed with your journey in mind.

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  1. Introducing prosperus: business, financial, and personal planning

  2. TechRise Chicago’s Season 4 Premier & Capital Summit

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  4. Why is everyone moving to Beehiiv?

  5. Recognizing Humanity One Conversation at a Time

🌳 prosperus | planning that’s truly personal!

I’m grateful to announce the latest N8 Ventures brand - prosperus.

Many people ask me, “What do you do?”

I am a Value Advisor.

  • I help entrepreneurs get clear about what their business is worth, grow it's value, and prepare for an eventual exit.

  • I help clients minimize taxes from a business sale.

  • I help people leaders live in alignment with their values.

Thank you grateful clients for sharing your experience!

“I love that Nate is always grounding the conversation in what my goals are!”

Ben Billups | Noble Digital

Is prosperus is right for you? Let’s chat!

🌇 TechRise Chicago Season 4 Premier & Capital Summit

Tune in live at Noon on Friday, April 12th  for the premier of TechRise Season 4! Five Chicagoland founders will pitch their business to a panel of VC investors for the chance to take home a $25,000 prize.

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TechChicago Capital Summit- Early Bird Tickets On Sale!

The TechChicago Capital Summit brings together Chicagoland founders and funders to increase the flow of capital in our region. The two-day Summit will include a poker night kickoff, track-based programming focused on fundraising in the current state of our venture ecosystem, and curated 1:1 meetings with Startups, LPs, VCs, and Corporate Venture firms. Join us on July 23 & 24th.

🔊 New weekly episodes on Much Love Mondays!

Thanks to my incredible YouTube team and video editor, we are releasing new podcast episodes each week (getting closer to twice a week)! We’re THREE (3) subscribers aways from reaching the 100 milestone on YouTube. If you can follow the channel, we would be super appreciative!

Why are all your favorite newsletters switching to beehiiv?

It’s because the founding beehiiv team were all early Morning Brew employees who helped scale that newsletter to over 4 million daily subscribers.

Years of trial and error went into building the precise tools, dashboards, and analytics needed to accomplish that. And now every newsletter on beehiiv has access to the same winning formula.

So what exactly does beehiiv offer?

  • World-class growth tools like the referral program and recommendation network

  • Monetization via the beehiiv Ad Network and premium subscriptions (i.e. beehiiv helps you get paid)

  • Seamless content creation with a sleek collaborative editor

  • Best-in-class inbox deliverability of 99%

  • Oh and it’s the most affordable by a mile…

Take your newsletter to the next level — get started for free.

💓 Recognizing Humanity One Conversation at a Time

The post below is written by Dr. Ilene Berns-Zare, an ICF Credentialed Coach (PCC), Speaker, and Author. Ilene has a beautiful perspective and I regularly find value from her newsletter.

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